Our Company
About Us We believe that any idea can be brought to life through the means of visual storytelling and that the future belongs to those who can connect with audiences on many different levels with interesting and inspiring stories. At Shadowcast Pictures we strive to create feature films, documentaries, commercials, television shows for networks and brands, shorter length films for online, music videos, motion graphics, and interactive media that set the standards for industry professionals to follow.

Located in Los Angeles, we are at the heart of the entertainment industry. We are different from your average production company by operating a full HD Camera Rental Department. We feature the latest Digital Cinema Camera technology that is paving the way for how films will be shot in the future. We consistently remain on top of evolving media technologies and provide the best equipment and crew available who are extremely knowledgeable. We believe it is important to provide the best tools available in order to meet the creative needs of our directors and our clients.

Shadowcast Picturesí principles have developed strong direct relationships with talent, talent agencies, advertising agencies, domestic and international distributors, sales reps, and broadcasters that enables them to put the right team together for any project. As the entertainment industry constantly changes and evolves, Shadowcast Pictures evolves along with it. We make sure that we are always in the best possible position for success.